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All family homes require a reliable source of hot water, especially during the cold seasons. Baxi water boilers are one of the most effective ways of having your family warm at a minimum energy cost.


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The Baxi brand provides a range of boilers, the common ones being the Neta-tec combi and the Duo-tec combi boilers with cutting edge technology. Combustion management in the boiler is a standard feature. The owner does not need much skill to maintain a low level of fuel usage.

Baxi is one of the leading brands producing the most efficient, economical and reliable combi boilers. This brand is the best choice you should go for when designing a heating system for your home. It provides the sufficient hot water delivery at the right pressure, and it is also fixed with LED lights which help you when you want to regulate the water temperatures.


In most cases, the boilers are given a warranty of about 2-10 years. During this period, any repair is done at no cost. If your boiler shows any failure regarding energy usage or any other form of negligence, contact us, and an engineer will be sent right at your home to assist you. If the boiler is still within the warranty period, it will be to your advantage since you will pay nothing for the repair.

The boilers have the capacity of providing you with hot water whenever it is required. However, small failures can be experienced in winter and autumn due to the high demand. 

You need not be worried, however.  Our experienced engineers offer more than 20 years' experience servicing Baxi boilers. Additionally, the spare parts can be carried using a vehicle to quicken the servicing process. It is recorded that 95% of the boilers seen are serviced within one hour. The servicing will therefore not take too much of your time.


If you are in East London, we assure you that our engineer has the capacity of repairing your boiler in a few hours having about 20 years experience. 

We recommend that you have your boiler repaired first before you think of buying a new one. It does not make sense to buy a new boiler when all you need is to repair the one you are already using. Repair is cost-effective, and still, your boiler will be operational once again.


Baxi boilers also need a serious servicing to maintain their effectiveness. The cost of service depends on the company repairing your boiler and the level of damage of the boiler. 

Servicing should be done annually if you desire to use less fuel in heating your water. In normal cases when the boiler is not damaged, the cost may be about £90 excluding the VAT. This price may rage differently for the different companies. However, some national companies can charge up to £120.

For Baxi Boiler Repair And Servicing in Hackney and East London Call Today

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