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Benefits of Boiler Servicing

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  • 25-11-2022
Benefits of Boiler Servicing

What are the Benefits of Boiler Servicing? It is important to maintain boiler systems properly. The best way to do this is to get your boiler serviced frequently.

Do I Need An Annual Boiler Servicing

Gas and oil boilers need to be serviced at least once per year. The annual service is a time when a trained and qualified heating engineer can look over the unit and ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible, as well as look for any small issues that could turn into more sinister problems in the future.

This should give you and anyone else living in the property peace of mind, knowing that your heating system works as exactly as designed and is running both efficiently and safely.

If you are the landlord of a property, then making sure that you have the boilers and flue systems that you can control over serviced annually within the properties that you are renting out is actually a legal requirement.

If you have an electric boiler, then these do not need to be serviced in the same way that gas and oil boilers need to be looked after. Although, it is still a good idea to have these boilers looked over every so often when it is possible.

Benefits of Your Annual Boiler Service

Now more than ever, it is important to keep the costs of energy in your home at a minimum. During your annual boiler service, the Gas Safe engineer who is working on your boiler will ensure that the system is running efficiently.

This can save you huge amounts over time. Making sure your boiler is running efficiently and having regular services can stop soot from building up, which will allow the boiler to run smoothly and reduce the boiler's fuel consumption.

This should keep your energy costs low, as well as reduce your impact on the environment.

Not having your gas boiler serviced each year can, in many cases, lead to your boiler's warranty becoming invalidated and halt the receiving of any benefits that come along with it.

Various different manufacturer guarantees will require you to book a Gas Safe engineer to take a look at your system every year.

This visit will give the engineer an opportunity to look for issues and stop the boiler from breaking down so you can keep your home nice and warm all year round.

It is important to have regular checks and maintenance done on your gas boiler, as it will boost the reliability of the entire heating system and reduce the likelihood of repairs being needed in the future.

The annual inspection done by a Gas Safe engineer should fix any outstanding issues with your boiler, so your system is much less likely to break down later on.

We highly recommend that you have your gas boiler serviced before the colder and harsher months of the year arrive. There isn't much worse than waking up on a cold  Autumn morning to find that your boiler is faulty, or even broken, and cannot provide any warmth to your home.

Ensuring that you are prepared for the winter months will make sure that you and your family are kept safe. It will also mean that you won't need to pay any extra costs for increased fuel usage because of an undiscovered fault.

Gas Safe registered engineers can carry out all of the essential steps to make sure that your boiler works as it should no matter what the weather may be.

A boiler that is well-maintained and healthy is much more likely to have a longer lifespan than a boiler that has never been serviced at all. This can, of course, result in huge savings.

Regular maintenance and Gas Safe registered inspections will not only ensure that your boiler is working as it was designed, but they will also help to spot any minor issues with your boiler that could get out of hand and damage the whole system.

Boiler Service for Your health & safety

The most vital reason why you should have your boiler serviced annually is for the protection of your life and the lives of everyone who lives in your home with you. Thankfully with modern boilers, gas leaks are rare, but they can still occur.

The chances of a gas leak occurring can be massively reduced simply by ensuring that your boiler and heating system are properly maintained when the time comes.

Unfortunately, the more issue with modern boilers, especially ones that have been poorly maintained, is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. The lethal carbon monoxide can be produced at high levels if there is an issue with the level of oxygen that is available to be burnt with the gas.

It can also build up if there has been some sort of restriction within the flue system, such as a clog made from accumulative soot.The Department of Health and Social Care in the UK says that carbon monoxide accounts for an average of around fifty deaths each year and over four-thousand medical visits.

It is incredibly serious. The symptoms that come with carbon monoxide can include nausea, being sick, headaches, exhaustion, confusion, and dizziness. In some cases, you can also experience shortness of breath, stomach pain, and difficulties with breathing.

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