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Boiler Service Checklist

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  • 11-08-2021
Boiler Service Checklist

This boiler service checklist shows what is checked during a boiler servicing. If you want to know what a Gas Safe engineer checks during a gas boiler servicing, find out more here.

What is a boiler service?

It is essential to receive boiler service frequently. Annual boiler services always begin with visual check-ups that allow your engineer to ensure that your pipework and boiler are correctly installed and positioned. 

Your engineer will then thoroughly check that your boiler operates appropriately and strive to identify any potential problems. You should receive a new appointment every 12 months. Whilst there is no legal obligation to get monthly boiler service, annual service is enough unless you are experiencing issues or an emergency. 

To take a closer look at the components, they will remove the boiler casing, checking that everything inside works efficiently and safely. 

Boiler safety is essential, as no home or property wants to suffer the poisoning that could occur from carbon monoxide emissions. They also may clean up the components inside to improve efficiency and to avoid corrosion. 

Your engineer must and is highly likely to check the following:

  • They will check the flue and combustion. 
    Your Gas Safe registered engineer uses a flue gas analyser to ensure the boiler burns the correct air and gas rate mixture. 
    It also makes sure the flue isn't blocked.
     Engineers will clean any electrical appliance connections and ensure they are all in good condition.
     They ensure all vital fans and components work efficiently and that seals stay intact. 
    They check that all safety devices and electrodes are in good condition. 
    Check that the condensate pipe and trap are not blocked.
    Engineers will also check that the gas and water pipework is working properly and running smoothly. 

Your engineer should offer all information and report any necessary boiler details, especially if your boilers current condition does not meet any health and safety property regulations. 

Ensure that your engineer takes the time to explain thoroughly any maintenance or repair work they have performed or that they must undertake in the next appointment. You must ensure that your engineer uses parts that match your manufacturer's boiler mechanism during repairs or replacements and that any details come from reputable manufacturers. 

As a general rule of thumb or brief guide, many boiler services last at most half an hour and afterwards, you should expect to receive completed service reports. 

After that, ensure you sign the report given, but only if you are happy with the inspection, repair work or maintenance that the service provided for your boiler. 

Boiler Service Checklist | What is Checked By An Engineer

How often should my boiler be serviced?

Your boiler is a significant aspect of any home; the central heating system keeps you warm throughout the colder winter seasons and provides hot water. 

Much like a car, your boiler requires plenty of maintaining and servicing to ensure its constantly functioning and running at its best. 

Annual service is essential for your boiler. It enables its efficiency to increase significantly. You can rely more on your system working well, and overall, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is reduced substantially. 

Getting your boiler serviced annually is highly recommended by many certified Gas Safe engineers across England. If your boiler system has a warranty, it is a requirement that you get yearly service, as this allows you to keep your deposit valid. 

Boiler service checklist

All qualified, registered Gas Safe engineers have the skills and expertise required to provide their clients and customers with complete, thorough boiler services. 

They strive to conduct numerous tests that will check and ensure your boiler functions efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Visual inspection

To begin with, the engineer will also visually inspect the boiler, adjust any necessary components and clean it to heighten the functionality. 

The visual inspection allows them to search for apparent damage or distress signs before delving deeper into the mechanisms.

Operation and control

Inside a boiler is a wide range of control, valves and a number of safety devices, and these get checked to ensure they operate correctly. 

An engineer ensures all boiler mechanisms function properly so that they don't fail in times of need. They also may offer installations of replacement parts or controls; however, replacements may come at a higher price. 

Flue and combustion releases

Your Gas Safe engineer will check the flue pipework's termination, construction, and route during their boiler service. 

During this inspection, they will ensure your flue terminals aren't suffering from obstructions, and they take the time to look at the fitting to check your installer fitted it safely. 

Clean the main boiler components

During a boiler service inspection or appointment, your registered engineer will remove, clean, and inspect the main components to make sure they have no noticeable faults and leaks, including the heat exchanger, the flue ways, the main burner and ignition pins. 

Cleaning components allow your controls to function more efficiently. 


There are various tests that boiler service engineers must tick off on their checklist inspection. Some of these tests and maintenance checks they must carry out and include are:

  • Safety devices
    High-limit thermostat
    All the heating controls
    Pilot light burner, cables and probes
    Flame sense device and check it operates properly or for flame failure
    Ensure boiler operation
    Flue effectiveness
    Heating controls
  • Provision of ventilation 
    Checking the seals
    Water pressure flow and gas fuel flow
    The surrounding location of the boiler
    Any nearby combustible materials
    Check the electrical wiring connections  

Conduct a record

The engineer will undertake numerous checks and tests, note each fault or repair, and record the heat input and boiler pressure. 

As the property or homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep hold of these documents and information to prepare for future inspections or problems or if you chose to rent your property to new tenants. 

Ensure the boiler is ready for use

After the end of any boiler service inspection or maintenance, your Gas Safe engineer will ensure your boiler is in good working condition before leaving. 

Any setting or control mechanisms they had altered during the service will be put back to the original settings or left so that the homeowner may return the settings to their desired state. 

Be sure to call or contact your local plumbing and heating boiler services for any advice or free quote when inquiring about appointment costs or emergency boiler cases. 

You can find the phone numbers and email addresses on the websites. Ensure you keep them in your possession in case of an emergency.