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How Long Does A Boiler Service Take

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  • 11-08-2021
How Long Does A Boiler Service Take

How long does a boiler service take? A gas safe servicing will ensure that your boiler is working correctly. Find out more about what is involved in a boiler service and how long you should expect it to be completed.

How long does a boiler service take?

Boiler services are essential for every household or property owner to ensure your gas boiler is in perfect condition and functioning smoothly. Boiler service usually takes around 30 minutes, at most 45 minutes, for your Gas Safe registered engineers to service your boiler properly. 

There are various things and boiler mechanisms that must be tested and checked, for example, safety devices, pipework, boiler sensors, heating controls. The checks also include looking at the condensate removal path, combustion chamber, expansion vessel pressure, flue gas integrity, analysis, and gas consumption. 

Not only are checks performed, but they will also clean essential components and mechanisms, allowing it to function more safely and efficiently and remove carbon deposits that sit on the heat exchangers surface inside the combustion chamber. 

The duration of all boiler services can wildly vary depending on the model of your boiler, the make or the manufacturer type, whether a combi boiler or conventional gas boiler type. It may also depend on the boiler's age, as more work may be needed for much older boilers or older makes. 

For those that house a much older gas boiler on their property, you may have missed an appointment or service. Therefore, older boiler service should take far longer to inspect, repair or maintenance, especially if your engineer must replace various parts during one scheduled service. 

Many engineers strive to arrange a time slot that works well with your lifestyle or work schedule; this gives you peace of mind as you aren't burdened with waiting around all day for the professionals to arrive. 

The time slot could still be lenient, leaving a couple of unlimited hours due to the number of jobs they must perform during the day and the possible length of the jobs at hand. However, they will often offer a rough time of when your plumbing and heating engineers will arrive. 

What Does a Boiler Service Involve?

The essential annual boiler service ensures that your gas boiler continues running efficiently and functions safely. 

During the routine boiler service, your Gas Safe engineer will visit and perform numerous checks on the property central heating system. 

However, as homeowners, you need to understand precisely what the inspections and tests involve to know what will occur during the appointment and why getting your boiler serviced annually is crucial. 

If you own a gas boiler in your household or on your property, you must have a Gas Safe registered engineer to regulate and authorise your boiler; however, oil boilers need to be serviced by certified OFTEC engineers. 

Before they begin work on your boiler, you may ask them for ID to prove their certification. Once over, your engineers will present a service report detailing all the maintenance and repairs they have performed or that you require in the future. 

Here are some of the inspections and checks that your engineers will likely carry out during a boiler service:

  • VISUAL INSPECTION: Normally, your Gas Safe engineer ensures that your boiler meets all requirements and current safety standards for your property type. Your engineer will check for any leaks or corrosion and search for any faults with the flame in your boiler. 
  • REMOVE BOILER CASING: They check the components to ensure they are working correctly and take the time to clean the inside mechanisms of the boiler to remove any carbon deposits and increase efficiency. Such inspections include checking the burner, main injector, heat exchanger and spark probe. 
  • FLUE CHECK: Your registered engineer should check for any obstructions in your flue terminals and that your installer has installed the flue gas safely. 
  • GAS PRESSURE CHECK: The gas pressure check ensures that the gas boiler on your property works at the correct pressure for producing central heating systems and hot water. 
  • BOILER FIRED UP: Your engineer will check for any faults during the service and boiler fire ups. 

Why is a boiler service important?


The boiler service that your engineer provides allows them to fully identify detrimental issues that could affect your household or property in a harmful way, such as carbon monoxide leaks, leading to poisoning. 

It's excellent having a professional that can identify these problems as carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas, which, when it leaks, could cause brain damage and, in some difficult situations, death. 

If you are deeply concerned with the performance of your boiler, as you have detected that the visible flame is more orange rather than blue, you must get in touch with a Gas Safe, professional engineer. 

You should do so even if you aren't due for your annual boiler service. 

Keep heating bills low.

When your boiler begins to age, over time, it becomes less and less efficient and therefore requires far more fuel to provide hot water and central heating for your household or property. However, the amount of energy necessary will cost you much more money overall. 

An annual service, every 12 months, ensures that your boiler components are always maintained and in the best condition to deliver a higher efficiency level for an extended period. 

Prevent breakdowns

It can be effortless to put off and ignore boiler servicing, thinking that you can save money in the process; however, in the long run, annual boiler services will keep all your heat energy bills down and prevent them from breakdowns. 

Spotting faults and issues way before they have the chance to occur over time allows you to rid the potential problem, and that way, you'll never risk having to pay a hefty repair bill in the future. 


Your boiler model can often include the manufacturer's warranty insurance, and these can be between 1-15 years, allowing any fault or damaged parts to be repaired for free during this period. 

However, annual boiler servicing from a Gas Safe registered engineer are required each year to keep your boiler's warranty valid. 

How often should a boiler be serviced?

Many certified specialists and professional engineers recommend that you should get your boiler serviced every 12 months at the least. The best time for a boiler service is during the summer; you can assure your boiler is working and functions well during the colder months or the wintertime. 

Suppose you live in rented property or accommodation. In that case, your landlord or homeowner is legally obligated to have the boiler and any gas appliances in the building or site seen and serviced every year. 

Afterwards, gas safety certificates must be issued and displayed on the property after any recent inspection. 

For any homeowner, annual services are necessary for validating the boiler guarantee covered under warranty from the manufacturer. 

It's excellent to hold onto the contact details of qualified and trustworthy engineers for boiler emergencies. Give your local plumber and heating service a call for a free quote so that you may compare competitive prices and select the best.