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For over 100 years, British homes have been able to enjoy the warmth, courtesy of the ideal boilers such as  Logic, Logic+, and Vogue boilers. If you have a family home, the boiler is one of the most important considerations.


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Ideal boilers were the proud winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in the year 2013. It was recommended for the reward out of the testimonials that its users gave as a good warmth provider for homes. The many years of experience have helped it to be recognised as a leading brand within the heating industry.

One thing that the company recognised is that maintenance of the boilers could add a long life to them.


Ideal boilers should be serviced annually if they are to continue working for many years.  A boiler repair should be done as soon as the boiler shows any fault. Depending on the heating engineers, servicing can include other things as a package. 

The cost of servicing also depends on the servicing firm and the type of boiler being repaired. The typical cost of servicing should be between £70- £90 plus the VAT. This should not fluctuate much with different boilers. 

Larger companies may, however, charge more, approximately £85- £120 plus VAT. This cost should not make you avoid servicing. Because if you do not maintain your boiler, the chances are high that you will have to purchase another boiler five years with the installation cost of about £1800. This would be an unnecessary cost.


Faulty boilers may be very stressful. You should not assume that a servicing engineer will carry out repair work.  A servicing is a preventative measure to stop future problems from occurring. It is upon the user to let him know of that repairs and servicing is required, not a boiler servicing alone.


Having a boiler means that sometimes faults may occur. During installation, the user is given a handy table of Ideal error codes as a guide. Any time you realise a problem with your boiler, you only need to check through the error code to identify the category of the problem. 

Listed below are some error codes that could appear on your Ideal boiler.

Fault CodeSystem Behaviour
C0BCC Activation Fault
C2BCC Fault
F1Low Water Pressure
F2Flame Loss
F3Fan Fault
F4Flow Thermistor
F5Return Thermistor
F6Outside Sensor Failure
F7Low Mains Voltage
F9Unconfigured PCB
L1Flow Temperature Overheat or No Water Flow
L2Flame Loss
L55 Boiler Resets in 15 minutes
L6False Flame Lockout

If you identify a problem with your boiler use our contact form to connect with us. By doing this, you are guaranteed that we are going to give you the best boiler repair engineer to get the problem sorted. 

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