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Should I Repair or Replace my Boiler

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  • 18-12-2018
Should I Repair or Replace my Boiler

The boiler is one of the most useful appliances in the home, yet most people underestimate its worth.  Boilers help us handle many household chores including heating the house. The boiler will warm water for relaxing baths as well as tasks like washing clothes and kitchen utensils. As essential equipment in the home, you must ensure it is kept in perfect working condition to enjoy its benefits.

When your boiler starts malfunctioning or ageing, most people only think about replacing. It is essential when this happens to research boilers to choose the best that will serve your needs. This may not be easy based on the technical jargon used- should you go for a standard or a combi? Our work is to make your search fast and straightforward. We ask you to answer a few questions, and then we will advise on the best choice for your home to give you all the information to make sure you made the best choice.

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What can I do before Replacing my old boiler?

When your boiler breaks down or shows signs of malfunctioning, you can opt to repair it. These are options you can consider.

Is the warranty still valid?

Confirm with the manufacturer to establish the warranty. Some warranties cover both labour and parts; others only cover only one aspect. No matter the warranty, the cost of repairs will be reduced.

Seek the help of a gas engineer in your locality

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer should repair your boiler. They should provide their Gas safe license number that you will use to confirm if they are still licensed for the work at https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/find-an-engineer


For most consumers, it is easy to settle for the first gas engineer such as what your friends have recommended or British Gas. But before you settle for your choice, it is essential to ask for quotes from different Gas engineers to get value for your money.

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When Should I Replace my Boiler?

Boilers function efficiently for 10 to 15 years. If your boiler has served you for these years, then it is time to consider replacing it by making savings or seeking funding. If you service your boiler yearly, you stand to enjoy using your boiler for years. Regular servicing is vital to avoid frequent breakdowns and to increase its efficiency. Servicing your boiler is just like servicing your car. A serviced car is efficient, and the probability of faults is markedly reduced. 

Repairing a boiler can be more expensive as buying a brand new boiler. A repaired boiler can result in further problems in the future. A brand new boiler can be the best choice in such cases since it is efficient and more dependable. 

Besides, if you go for a brand new boiler, it comes with a warranty that covers costs of repairs if it breaks down. This means your boiler will be repaired at the manufacturer's expense. This is one of the benefits of replacing your boiler when your current one starts malfunctioning.


Customarily, a brand new A- rated boiler in perfect condition including installation by a gas safe registered engineer, fixtures, and fittings would range from £2,500 to £4,000. You can get an A-rated boiler, attachments, flue, and installation by a gas safe registered engineer from £1,695 or £10.96 per month, inclusive of VAT.

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