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Will Powerflush Clean My Central Heating

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  • 13-11-2018
Will Powerflush Clean My Central Heating

A lot of people wonder whether power flush can be used to clean a central heating system. The first question we should ask ourselves is, what is power flush?

A power flush is a cleaning procedure that uses a Power flush pump to clean a heating system. The reason why a heating system requires regular power flush cleaning is to increase its efficiency and to prevent damage to the boiler. When the heating system operates for a long period, dirt and sludge build up in the system blocking the ducts and making the entire system inefficient. When the system is not cleaned for a long time, the dirty water damages your boiler thus prompting a repair, maintenance or repair. If you would like to avoid all these problems, consider having a power flush cleaning once in a while.

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Do I need a Power flush?

If your heating system is dirty, you definitely need a power flush cleaning to remove all the dirt, debris and rust from the water that runs through the system.

If you have had a boiler fault and a Gas Safe Engineer has advised you to have power flush cleaning before replacing the boiler parts, it is advisable you do so. You can also check out other factors such as:

  • Do you have cold radiators or dirty bleed water?
  • Cold water because the pipes are blocked?
  • Whether you've boiler cutouts or the boiler is making noises
  • Fluctuating temperatures or tepid water

If you are experiencing any of the signs, you need to have your boiler chemically power flushed to avoid damaging the boiler or making it inefficient. With all the dirt and sludge in the pipes, your boiler is unable to heat the radiators thus inefficient in heating water.

Does power flushing work?

Power flushing is an effective method of restoring the efficiency of your boiler. However, if your boiler is faulty and probably dirty, the first thing you need to do is power flush it before repairing. If you repair it then power flush to clean it, the entire process might not work, or the efficiency of your boiler might not be restored.

How does power flushing increase heating efficiency?

After your system has been cleaned thoroughly, power flows through the pipe with ease. As the water flows freely through your system, there is less effort, and the boiler has maximum efficiency.

Why do boiler manufacturers recommend power flushing when a boiler is installed?

This is done to maintain your boiler warranty. When a boiler is installed with dirty system water, it will run for a short period of time and then start breaking down or become inefficient. However, with the clean water system and annual power flushing, the boiler can last for a long period in its perfect condition.

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