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Winter is the most troublesome season for your central heating. It is very cold, and so you need to prepare for it. If you do not have a functioning home heating system, you find this season miserable to endure. Worcester Bosch boilers can be one of the most effective ways to help you heat your home and water. 


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Worcester Boiler Problems

Most people after purchasing the boiler tend to depend so much on the warranty without realising that it is already expired. The 5-10 year warranty is a more recent concept for boilers so you may be surprised to realise that your warranty is expired even within three years. To be sure of this, you need to check it out in the warranty document or make a call to the manufactures of your boiler. 

Repairing your boiler is not expensive when the boiler is still on warranty. Just call us, and we will have it fixed by sending you a team of professional engineers.


One good thing about this type of boiler is that it will always generate a fault code to let you know what exactly is wrong. You are never left in the dark. In case there is any fault, it will enter a safety lockout mode, and the fault code will be generated. Here are some of the fault codes you should expect:

Locking error

This gives you a warning in a triangle shape than fault code is displayed.

Blocking error

The boiler will stop without any fault data being displayed. You need to press the return button to see the course code.

Fault code

The boiler will indicate an alphanumeric code which indicates the fault group.

Cause error

The boiler shows a three digit number which can be accessed by pressing a return button.

Maintenance code

The boiler displays the letter H and a number. It will not stop operating since it is just calling for maintenance.


When you want to find out the source of the fault you may be experiencing with your boiler; the following are the signs that there is a fault:

Blocked condensate pipe

This happens when the pipes are blocked at it gives a fault code of EA229.

No Hot Water

When the boiler is giving you a sign, it means that you will not have hot water until you repair it.

Boiler is leaking

When you realise any form of leakage in your boiler, give us a call to repair it for you. It will provide a fault code of either A281 or EA338.

Boiler losing pressure

This can be caused by a loose connection on the valve or a weak soldering joint on the copper pipe.

No power to the boiler

This can be caused by a faulty PCB or RCD unit when either is tripped.

If you realise any of the above faults, do not hesitate to call us to repair it. We guarantee you the best of our services with cost-effective charges. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Do you need Worcester Bosch Boiler Repairs and Servicing in Hackney? For Worcester Bosch Boiler Repair And Servicing Call Today

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